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The Scarecrow

Another design for my final major project (for Uni) ;Oz World Warrior

The scarecrow is a synthezoid security drone build for the sole purpose of defending cargo frigates transporting rare goods between quadrants , especially against the nomadic and cruel Crow pirates and their swarms of boarding parties. Its arms are capable of 360 degree movement and its rubbery synth-flesh is able to to withstand massive amounts of kinetic energy. This particular model happen chanced upon 'The Captain' the most viscious crow and the fleets leader , her mocking words caused the drone to do what it never occured it for it to do ;question itself .Subsequently He went rogue seeking out a soul and wishing to become more than just a tool and become a person He was last seen jouneying along with a group of other such unsavoury beings seeking out the great and powerful wizard who by rumours chance hosts a martial tournament in which the winner is given whatever he/she/it desires. Perhaps a soul?