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Chief of the Para-Monkeys

So here's my version of the flying monkey's from the wonderful wizard of oz ,. For my Final Major university project where I'm creating concept art for a hypothetical fighting game THE OZ-WORLD Tournament.
The Feared nomadic para-monkeys forever bound to the cybernetic implants of the 'Golden-Cap Drive ,are a force of nature , swarming the Oz nebular and carrying out the tasks of their ever changing masters. Their modified bodies almost entirely synthetic made over 2 millennia ago now give them amplitudes of strength ,an ability to store quantities of air within their bodies and control pressure for space flight in addition to their trademark boosters and glider wings for navigating the numerous cyclonic wormholes that tunnel through the great Wizards domain. The chief himself is fighting in the Wizards tournament for his swarms freedom from the control of the infamous Dead Witch of the western systems and her Golden-Cap Drive